Welcome to Get Fit Personal Training with Lola Faleix!


Personal training means two things right away: privacy and customizability. But some might wonder: What else does it mean? What's all the fuss about? With me, Lola Faleix, personal training is all about: 


Do you want to get stronger, gain flexibility, lose weight, and begin living a healthier lifestyle? Together we CAN achieve all of this and more by designing a fitness plan around your personal needs and goals. We can work the program into your schedule at your convenience. 

Taking you from where you are now to where you want to go. 
No matter what your age or exercise preferences, a healthy lifestyle is achievable. It’s never too late to improve your heath and no step is too small to start you on your journey to fitness.

Private, one-on-one workout programs. 

We will work in a comfortable, distraction-free environment. Your place or mine? You decide.

Motivation, support, consistency, and commitment. 

I will guide you, encourage you, and cheer your every success. Let me show you how to develop new habits that will help you live longer and feel happier. It is my goal to teach you, guide you, and motivate you so that you can sustain healthy habits for life and "stick to it" for good.

With guidance from your me, your Certified Personal Trainer, your workouts will help you:

Lose weight and get trim.

Strengthen your heart and lower your resting heart rate.

Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Increase your stamina.

Maintain bone density.

Improve balance and coordination.

Reduce anxiety and manage stress.

Improve your self-esteem and confidence.

  • Relax and sleep better.